Time-Lapse Professional Videography in Aberchirder

Time-Lapse Professional Videography in Aberchirder

One of our services is the creation of time-lapse videos which incorporate footage captured over long periods of time into a fluid video.

Time-Lapse Photography Company in Aberchirder

Time-Lapse Photography Company in Aberchirder

Projects which often use time-lapse photography include construction sites, interior decorating and schools which want to show changes in appearance or activity over time.

Time-Lapse Video Specialists in Aberchirder

Time-Lapse Video Specialists in Aberchirder

Time-lapse videos are also made for large public spaces and attractions as they create an interesting visual effect to show the passage of time in a certain location.

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Time-Lapse Professional Videography in Aberchirder

Time-lapse professional videography in Aberchirder AB54 7 is one of the most popular types of footage that we film; this's because it is suitable for a lot of mainstream companies. It is still a recent technology which audiences are attracted to and fascinated about how it works, this is just one of the filming services that we can offer.

The process of timelapse photography is carried out over a time period, where a large amount of footage is captured, this can often be over a day but it can be over the course of a few weeks depending on what is being filmed. When the selection of film has been completed, the image frames are increased at a faster pace and then when it is played at normal speed the footage appears to be happening at rapid speed and lapsing.

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What is Time-Lapse Video?

A Time-lapse video is a fast moving clip that can show the process or production of something, or the day to day atmosphere of something e.g. footfall through a main street at a high, flowing speed. It can really enhance your brand image as it's a professional time lapse video production that can amplify your audience and therefore enquiries.

A lot of phones now have apps with the choice to create a ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) time lapse video, this technique is fine for nearby friends to use but we would not suggest a corporate business to use this as it doesn’t look professional. DIY timelapse video production is usually cheap and sometimes even free, so of course this's the simplest option but our company PromoPixa can design time-lapse professional videography which you can use to promote and advertise your business to the best possible standard. Some advertising videos that companies have done for themselves have had a negative response because they look unprofessional, messy and do not promote their company or services in the best way possible. This is why it's important and, for corporate businesses, necessary to use a local professional photographer and filmmaker who has a variety of experience in media and creating different types of showreels and marketing films.

Professional Time Lapse Video Costs

The costs and rates for our planning, time lapse filming and video editing varies from job to job, this is since each project that we carry out is unique and has an assortment of needs and requirements which have to be shown throughout the film clip production. Our specialist videography team at PromoPixa can discuss and help your company in Aberchirder AB54 7 understand why we are using certain techniques, the advantages of the time lapse filming and explain about the importance of promotional video creation. If you have a budget that you would like to stick to, we can stay closest to this set price and find a suitable time-laps video that is right for you. 

TimeLapse Photography Company Near Me in Aberchirder

We are a leading timelapse photography UK company, who specialise in designing professional marketing videos and films which can advertise your organisation’s services to a mass of people. They say that a picture tells a 1000 words, so how many would you say a video does? This's one question which you must ask yourself when deciding on the right type of corporate video production. When people look at websites, they are more likely to watch a short video, rather than read a long explanation on what your services are. This's why media and timelapse photography UK videos are so popular, they are able to grasp the audience’s attention and visually explain the services and facilities which business near me have available.

Our timelapse photography agency, PromoPixa can create an array of videos for different occupational services, such as schools, sports clubs and large corporate businesses. Golf clubs and construction companies are the common referrals which we have for professional time lapse videos. This will be because golf companies are large and have a range of facilities which they want to show through a short and easy to view promotional clip. Construction companies have also started using our time-lapse services because they want to present installation work of different projects but most people would not watch long footage showing the full building process of a football pitch for example. Whereas having the option to capture the whole footage and speed it up, makes it much more enjoyable for the user, audience and potential client in your surrounding area.

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