Professional Video Production

Professional Video Production

We specialise in creating insightful marketing videos which promote a company's services and products to potential new customers in a visual way.

Business Video Creation

Business Video Creation

Companies which usually have promotional videos made include restaurants, bars, hotels and other service or product based industries looking to showcase what they do.

Corporate Video Specialists

Corporate Video Specialists

Our expert team can create a unique promotional video which shows off your company and the services you offer for clients.

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Company Professional Video Production

We are a market leader at Company Professional Video Production within the UK and have an extensive amount of experience and knowledge in creating showreels and films for marketing purposes. Each project that we carry out is different, this is because our specialist filming team at PromoPixa design and create unique ideas which will help advertise your organisation in to the best that it can be.

In order to achieve great success in the promotional videos that we create, the designers, film crew and video editors work together with your company. This enables a variety of possible ideas and lets the production team get a clear understanding of what your business is trying the influence with the short film. Having knowledge about your business is vital as it allows PromoPixa to get the correct angle and grasp your audience’s interest.

Company professional video production is a great way for your business to show your existing clients and potential new clients the fantastic services that you can provide and all of the excellent facilities that you have to offer. We have seen the positive impact that show reels have on organisations and advantages that they have gained just from having a professional video on their website. Film production is a very effective marketing tool for companies near me as it makes them look more professional and also lets their audience have an insight into the scale of the business; this can make them feel more involved with the company.

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What is Company Professional Video Production?

Company Professional Video Production in is a way of boosting your company's promotion to ensure the level of enquiries that you get massively increases. It has gained popularity in recent years, this's because it is a unique approach to target audiences and this innovative technique is eye catching and a lot more interesting than reading a large amount of content. The filming and specialist editing that we take allows your company to show the main features and services which are provided in just a matter of minutes. This is great since it acts like a teaser and can encourage potential local clients to find out more information about a corporate production and use your services.

We have a variety of filming techniques which can make your corporate business video production stand out from the rest and fully grab your audience’s attention. PromoPixa will discuss, design and carry out production and post-production film clip editing services to a very high standard which makes for a successful marketing footgae. We can do filming of aerial footage, time-lapse videos and general on-ground footage, an assortment of these techniques creates a bespoke and impressive promo video. When we have captured all of our footage and we are happy with what we have got, we then have to edit the shots and clips together and make a successful flowing promotional video.

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Corporate Business Video Prices

Prices for Corporate Business Video Production may naturally vary due to a number of different factors. One influence may be your location, dependent on where you are based, it may be cheaper if you are closer, however you may pay a bit more if you're further away. However, we are a nationwide company so we are always able to meet your needs and carry out work for you.

Aerial footage is fantastic because it creates a view from an angle which a person the ground wouldn’t be able to see and shows off the scenery in the surrounding area. This is normally used for organisations that have a lot of land which they want to cover, such as a golf club or venue where a lot of weddings and other events are held. Time lapse techniques are used in a lot of promo advertising videos; this's because it is fun to watch footage which you normally wouldn’t be able to see because of the time it takes. A lot of construction companies in your surrounding area have used this because it would take too long to sit and watch the installation of surfaces or buildings and it’s good to keep promotional videos short and straight to the point. Of course, general footage is used in videography since it is good to use different techniques as it keeps your audience interested. We use high quality cameras with state of the art technology to capture effects which can’t be seen through still photos. Our editing process is done by skilled videographers with experience in putting different shots and filming techniques together to create a professional end result that is closest to what you envisioned.

Specialist Video Services Near Me

As every promotional video film is varied, the costs and prices are as well. It is important that if you’re a corporate company that you don’t just use the cheapest film production agency to carry out your filming, this is because they might not have the right amount of experience and your promo videos might not look professional. We are very cost effective for the services that we provide; we design, film and edit your corporate business video and will always try and meet your budget and funds to best the we can. Please fill in our contact form for more details on the services we offer, and for a price to create a promotional video for your company.

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